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EIT Compliance

      The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Youngstown State University has a history of recognized achievements by undergraduate students in mathematics over the last quarter-century. On 13 December 2006 the YSU Board of Trustees approved the establishment of the Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics at Youngstown State University. This will be the first Center of its kind in the country, and recognizes the outstanding performance of YSU students at regional and national mathematics meetings. The Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics (CURMath) is devoted to assisting the members of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics to promote the professional development and research activities of undergraduate students interested in mathematics at YSU.

Typical activities of the Center include:

  • Pi Mu Epsilon (PME) Student Chapter;
  • Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Student Chapter;
  • Student participation at MAA/PME regional and national meetings;
  • Problem solving seminars;
  • Participation in Mathematics Competitions.